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Towngas Smart Metering System

Towngas Smart Metering System

The Towngas Smart Metering System facilitates automatic meter reading reporting without the need for any additional infrastructure. Through a smart metering device mounted onto the existing gas meter, customers can opt to have their gas meter reading data automatically sent to Towngas to ensure accurate, up-to-date billing.
Customers who have the Wi-Fi-equipped smart metering device installed can download a mobile app to link the meter to their home Wi-Fi and have their gas meter reading automatically sent to Towngas every month. Alternatively, they can choose to report their meter reading via Bluetooth  at any time with just one tap on the app.
# Applicable only to Wi-Fi-enabled gas meter series (MSID) 336-1000000 or above.

Download the Towngas Metering app from App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) and try it out now!

Towngas Smart Metering System Tutorial

(Applicable to iOS devices)
(Applicable to Android devices)

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Towngas Smart Metering System User Experience



2018 Hong Kong Awards for Industries : Innovation and Creativity

The Smart Meter Reading Reporting System is a bluetooth-based metering station with a long battery life that can be attached to a conventional gas meter to facilitate the reporting of gas usage by both users and meter readers through a dedicated mobile app. This system was awarded the 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity in recognition of its innovation in improving operational efficiency of the service provider and enhances convenience in meter reading for customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my MSID?
  • The MSID can be found on the gas meter or in the "Stub and message to customer" section of your gas bill.
  • Towngas Metering app users can also scan the QR code on the gas meter or gas bill to see their MSID.
The app has detected more than one gas meter. How can I tell which one is mine?
  • Compare the MSIDs of the detected gas meters with that on your gas bill or on the Towngas Metering app after you scan the QR code on your gas meter or gas bill. The meter with the corresponding MSID is yours.
Why is the reading on my smart metering device different from that on the gas meter itself?
  • The smart metering device is designed to return a maximum reading that is 1 unit less than that on the gas meter in order to ensure that the reported reading is not greater than that on the gas meter.
  • If the smart metering device reading is found to be greater than or over 1 unit less than the reading on the gas meter, maintenance should be scheduled.
Can I check my last reported meter reading?
  • A record of the last 30 readings can be accessed from the Reporting History section under the menu located at the top left corner of the app.
How can I distinguish the reported readings for my home meter from those of other meters?
  • A home or Wi-Fi icon will appear next to the readings reported for your home meter.
How can I disable the app’s meter reading reminder service?
  • Meter reading reminder can be turned off under the app’s settings.
I got the message "Not yet connect to Wi-Fi (Request timed out. Please try again later.)". What should I do?
  • The signal connection between your phone and the metering device is weak. Please move closer to the meter and open any door blocking it to establish a better connection. If the problem persists, please contact us at 28806988.
An error code has appeared. Error code 01:
1. Check that your home Wi-Fi router is switched on.
2. Check that your SSID and password are correct.
3. Check that the Wi-Fi signal near the gas meter is good. Try opening any doors and removing any obstacles blocking the meter.

Error code 02:
1. Ensure that your password is correct.
2. Check that the Wi-Fi signal near the gas meter is good. Try opening any doors and removing any obstacles blocking the meter.
3. Check that your home Wi-Fi router's configuration is compatible by removing the device from the black list, disabling the "fast roaming" function, etc.

Error code 04:
1. Check that your home router is connected to the Internet.

Error code 08:
1. A server error has occurred. Please try again later.

Error code 10:
1. Ensure that your password is correct.
2. Check that the Wi-Fi signal near the gas meter is good. Try opening any doors and removing any obstacles blocking the meter.
3. If the problem persists, please contact us at 28806988.
What are the required settings for the Wi-Fi router?
  • The metering device supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
  • WPA/WPA2
  • A password with 8 to 64 characters
  • MAC address of the metering device must be included on white list if MAC filtering is on
  • Adequate Wi-Fi signal strength near meter
  • Fast roaming setting for router turned off
The Towngas Metering app cannot detect my Wi-Fi network.
  • Check whether the router signal can be detected near the gas meter.
  • If it can, try connecting your phone to your home Wi-Fi before connecting the metering device, or manually inputting the Wi-Fi SSID and password
Will my Wi-Fi router information, such as SSID and password, be recorded by Towngas?
  • Towngas will record your SSID so that you can see the name of the Wi-Fi network connected to the metering device on your Smart Metering app. However, Towngas will not have access to your Wi-Fi password, which is stored locally on the metering device.
How often is my gas meter reading submitted to Towngas?
  • Once a month on your billing day.
Can I configure the time for meter reading submission?
  • The meter reading submission time cannot be customised. The window for data submission is from 9am to 4pm.
What do the icons in the reporting history mean?
  • Wi-Fi icon: Reading submitted through Wi-Fi
  • Home icon: Home meter reading recorded via Bluetooth
  • No icon: Reading of non-home meter submitted through Wi-Fi
Why does the app require permission to access my location?
  • The latest versions of Android and iOS systems require location permission for the use of Bluetooth. The Towngas Metering app will not record the location data of our users.
What kind of information will be collected through Wi-Fi by the Towngas Metering app?
  • The app will only collect your meter reading data. No personal information will be collected.
Why do I need to designate a Home Gas Meter in the app?
  • Designating a home meter enables one-click meter reading reporting as well as reading reporting reminders for that meter.
Can I designate more than one Home Gas Meter?
  • The Towngas Metering app only supports one Home Gas Meter pairing at the moment.
What is the Other Gas Meters section for?
  • If you want to report the reading of a meter other than your home meter, you can do so by clicking the Report button under the Other Gas Meters section.
The app has recorded my meter reading but it cannot be submitted.
  • Your phone may be having trouble connecting to the Internet. Please ensure that you are within connection range of your home Wi-Fi.
  • Once you have access to the Internet, you can re-submit the unsent meter reading by clicking the Upload button on the top right of the Reporting History section.
  • Any unsent meter readings will also be automatically submitted when the app is reopened with an Internet connection.
Why is there discrepancy between the data timestamp and my phone system time?
  • The data timestamp is based on our server's time, which can be different from your photo system time.
I did not receive a meter reading reminder this month.
  • Your gas meter may not be paired with the app, or is not designated as the Home Gas Meter.
  • Your gas meter reading for this month has already been reported.
When should I use the Towngas  Metering app to report my meter reading?
  • You can report your meter reading at any time. Alternatively, you can choose to report it when you receive a reading reporting reminder after pairing your gas meter with the app and designating it as the Home Gas Meter.