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Towngas recently received customer enquiries on suspicious gas bill. The alleged claim and embedded links have been found to be fraudulent. The matter has since been reported to the police. Please stay alert and do not click on any attachment or link contained in any email or message that appears suspicious. For enquiries, please call 2880 6988 or email
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ESG Strategy

ESG Strategy

As we transition from a traditional utility company to an integrated clean energy supplier, Towngas continues to prioritise environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues for contributing to a sustainable future.
In 2022, we formulated the ESG StrategyENERGY” to guide our efforts in this evolving process. The Strategy comprises of six pillars – Energising the Ecosystem, Neutralising our Footprint, Engaging with Society, Retaining our Strengths, Greening the Future, Young-at-heart with Resilience, which take into account both the positive and negative impacts on our stakeholders.
By focusing on these pillars, we aim to achieve long-term business sustainability and generate shared value for all stakeholders.



Energising the Ecosystem
Conserve and utilise resources mindfully with innovative technology and mitigate the impact on biodiversity.


Neutralising our Footprint
Decarbonise our operation and value chain to achieve carbon neutrality and strengthen climate resilience.


Engaging with Society
Fulfil our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and create shared values for our customers and communities.


Revitalising our Strengths
Maintain high standards of corporate governance and business integrity to contribute to our sustainable competitive advantages.


Greening the Future
Devote to developing low-carbon energy and leaving the world a better place for future generations.


Young-at-heart with Resilience
Create a sustainable talent pipeline and supply chain and safeguard our stakeholders’ health and safety.