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Towngas recently received customer enquiries on suspicious gas bill. The alleged claim and embedded links have been found to be fraudulent. The matter has since been reported to the police. Please stay alert and do not click on any attachment or link contained in any email or message that appears suspicious. For enquiries, please call 2880 6988 or email
2023-11-28 13:00:00
Neutralising our Footprint

Neutralising our Footprint


Neutralising our Footprint

Decarbonise our operation and value chain to achieve carbon neutrality and strengthen climate resilience.

Our Climate Change Policy outlines our commitment to managing and minimising our climate change impacts.

2023 Performance Highlights

  • Incorporated ESG Due Diligenceand Internal Carbon Pricing in investment decision-making
  • Extended Scope 3 GHG emissions quantification and disclosures to the Group level
  • Launched self-developed Towngas Operation Platform for comprehensive monitoring of methane leakages
  • Reduced carbon intensity from gas production by 28%(2005 baseline), reaching 0.549kg CO2e/unit of town gas
  • Disclosed climate-related information in alignment with the latest IFRS standards

Future Actions and Targets

  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with two interim carbon reduction targets
  • Replace fossil fuel in phases by introducing and using zero-carbon fuels to reduce the total carbon intensity of using town gas by 36% by 2035(2019 baseline)
  • Enhance climate resilience by visiting our project companies on the Chinese mainland