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Product and Application

Product and Application

Our products are uniquely designed for the modern needs of Hong Kong families. A wide range of gas appliances are therefore available to fit the requirements of residential projects at every level. With our sleek and stylish, multi-functional and cost-effective products, we are able to provide ideal solutions every time.

Check out our products and see what great ideas spring to mind!

Kitchen Cabinet

Brand Story

Bringing joyful home-cooking experience to discerning individuals and modern families, Towngas introduced Mia Cucina in 2010. Mia Cucina is Italian and literally means “my kitchen”. It is to highlight that our kitchen cabinets are custom-made for each customer. Our customers can personalise their own design according to their special needs, cooking habits and preferences so that they can own their ideal and unique cooking paradise.

Our Strengths

Our brand also puts great emphasis on quality, and our kitchen cabinets are made from lots of premium materials imported from Europe, making sure our products are of superior quality as well as highly durable. Multi-layer plywood carcasses could withstand heavy loads and perfectly suit Hong Kong’s humid environment. Cabinet accessories are finely selected to increase the overall flexibility and functionality. Our kitchen designers and project team will take good care of the whole process, and provide our best one-stop service to our customers. 


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Residential Gas Water Heater

Water Heating

Please click here to check out more models of water heaters.

Slim Design Trend

A modern bathroom should be compact in design, practical in layout, and beautiful to look at. Meeting all these requirements, our Superslim gas water heaters were extremely popular with developers.

The sleek casing extends a mere 70mm from the wall, while all the piping and wiring are concealed to achieve maximum aesthetic and space-saving effects. Its trendy good looks also harmonises with the decor of every bathroom.


Full Water Temperature Control

The pleasure of a soothing shower or hot bath should not be spoiled by fluctuating water temperatures or the intermittent supply of hot water.

With our gas water heaters, these problems are reduced to the minimum as most of our models have built-in thermostat controls, which ensure constant water temperatures. Some of them have remote temperature controllers, so that water temperatures can be easily regulated with the touch of a button.



Good bathroom design is a prerequisite for new residential developments. Bathroom facilities are expected to not only look good, but also to have flexible applications and state-of-the-art design. In some residential developments, gas water heaters are now being cleverly concealed in kitchen cabinet or false ceiling, disappearing from sight and leaving bathrooms looking sleeker and more spacious.

Our latest "concealable" water heater is so compact (height: ~300mm only) that it can be installed in the false ceiling at balcony to create a trendy and "total space" look in modern bathrooms.


Floor Heating for Maximum Comfort
(Property Development Projects only)

While ceiling type central heating systems are common in Hong Kong, these systems fail to warm the air near the floor effectively since hot air rises. A floor heating system is therefore much more effective. Accordingly, we offer floor heating systems that promise to make every inch of the room cozy, warm and comfortable in the chilly winter months.


Clubhouse Dehumidifier

Hong Kong’s humid climate can encourage the growth of mould and mildew, which in turn causes human discomfort as well as damage to furniture and interior decoration. This affects not only building interiors, it also increases maintenance costs.

Our gas desiccant dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air without lowering room temperatures, creating a dry and comfortable environment.

Gas desiccant dehumidifiers are therefore gaining ground as ideal building services systems for complexes such as hospitals, function rooms, swimming pools and supermarkets.

Clubhouse Pool Heating

A swimming pool exclusively for residents has become an indispensable facility for contemporary housing estates. Most housing complexes are thus equipping their clubhouse swimming pools with heating systems, so that residents can enjoy a dip all year round.

The Towngas swimming pool heating system operates through a gas heater which heats the pool water before it flows back into the circulation cycle, keeping the water temperature at a constant and comfortable level. This energy efficient system allows residents to have fun in the water even in cold weather. 

Clubhouse BBQ Stove

Outdoor barbecues are fun, and even more so if there is an easy and plentiful supply of fuel. Our convenient gas barbecue stoves are designed for this very purpose. Install one on the balcony, in the garden, or beside the swimming pool, and let the fun begin! You don't even have to make the journey to the countryside!

Our gas barbecue stoves feature a convenient electric ignition device, which lights the grill instantly. Since no charcoal is used, it is faster and more convenient than traditional stoves. What's more, not only is it environmentally-friendly, it is also equipped with several burners, giving you greater flexibility and convenience as several different types of food can be cooked simultaneously.