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Important Notice

Towngas recently received customer enquiries on suspicious gas bill. The alleged claim and embedded links have been found to be fraudulent. The matter has since been reported to the police. Please stay alert and do not click on any attachment or link contained in any email or message that appears suspicious. For enquiries, please call 2880 6988 or email towngas.cs@towngas.com
2023-11-28 13:00:00


Gas Charge Calculator


Towngas is charged per unit of megajoules (MJ) consumed. Each unit registered by the gas meter represents that town gas with a heat value of 48 MJ has been consumed.

To calculate gas consumption, simply subtract the previous meter reading from the present and apply the following formula:

Units registered by gas meter x 48 MJ = town gas consumed (in MJ)

For example, if the customer’s gas meter displays a reading of 7519 for the current month, while the meter reading for the last month was 7491, the difference between the two readings is 28 units. The town gas consumption will be:

28 units x 48 MJ = 1,344 MJ

The gas charge is calculated in accordance with the current tariff plus fuel cost adjustment. The following rates have been in effect since 1 August 2022:

Monthly Consumption in Megajoules (MJ) Price Per MJ (HK$)
First 500 (Monthly Initial Charge $20) 27.25 cents
Next 2,000 27.15 cents
Next 5,000 27.11 cents
Next 10,000 27.01 cents
Next 15,000 26.91 cents
Next 25,000 26.78 cents
Next 50,000 26.68 cents
Next 50,000 26.59 cents
Next 50,000 26.49 cents
Next 50,000 26.40 cents
Over 257,500 26.30 cents

Customers under concession schemes for the elderly, people with disabilities and single-parent families, please click here to view the details.

Fuel Cost Adjustment (Current Month Fuel Cost Adjustment - cents per MJ)

For every complete multiple of HK$1 by which the effective feedstock cost* rises above (or falls below) the equivalent of HK$1,420 per kilolitre of naphtha, the charge for gas will be increased (or reduced) at the rate of 0.004 of a cent per MJ.

*effective feedstock cost is the weighted average cost (based on energy content) of different feedstock used for production of town gas

Monthly Initial Charge

If the customer’s gas charge is less than the monthly initial charge, the monthly initial charge will be levied.

Household customer: HK$20

Monthly Maintenance Charge

Household customer: HK$9.50

Covers labour costs for fully-qualified, registered gas technicians to undertake maintenance and repair, on-demand inspections and a regular safety inspection on an 18-month cycle of customers’ home gas appliances, gas installation pipes and external gas pipes (service risers), supported by a 7-day Customer Service Hotline.

The Company’s terms and conditions for the supply of town gas together with the tariff table are available on request. Consumption of gas supplied by the Company shall constitute acceptance of the Company’s terms and conditions.