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Important Notice

Towngas recently received customer enquiries on suspicious gas bill. The alleged claim and embedded links have been found to be fraudulent. The matter has since been reported to the police. Please stay alert and do not click on any attachment or link contained in any email or message that appears suspicious. For enquiries, please call 2880 6988 or email towngas.cs@towngas.com
2023-11-28 13:00:00
Billing Service

Billing Service

Every two months, all Towngas customers receive a gas bill providing clear details of their monthly gas charges, as well as payment and other relevant information. Helping to save paper and conserve resources, we also offer eBilling services. If you sign up for this service, electronic gas bills will be sent to your designated email address, saving both time and paper while also bringing you greater convenience.

You will also enjoy the full range of our eService benefits:

  • Managing multiple gas accounts
  • Settling payments online
  • Keeping track of your gas consumption and payment history
  • Managing account settings
  • Reporting meter readings
  • Making maintenance appointments and
  • Obtaining Towngas’ latest news and offers

Go Green! Register for our eBilling Services Now!

You can reduce carbon emissions by 316g annually if you use our eBilling service for a year in view of the paper and postage saved!

Act Now! Register a Towngas eAccount to enjoy more convenient services.

Small Amount Bill

For your convenience, sums amounting to less than HK$200 will be carried forward onto the next bill. No immediate settlement is required. (This does not apply to autopay, concession, commercial and industrial accounts.)

How to Read Gas Bill

Please move the mouse over the bill to show details.


Bill Amount Due and Payment Date

For autopay accounts, the bill shows the word “AUTOPAY”, the total amount to be debited and the autopay date. For non-autopay accounts, it shows the amount due and payment date.

24-hour Self-reading Hotline, Website and Billing date

Our 24-hour Self-reading Hotline, website and the next billing date are shown here.

Meter Readings and Dates

Meter readings and recording dates are shown here. It also shows the meter readings reported or taken before the statement day.

Charge Subtotals for the two months

Charged items in each month including standard gas charge, fuel cost adjustment monthly maintenance charge, any charges for purchasing appliances or replacing gas fitting, etc are shown separately.

Environmental Message

Carbon emission for every unit of megajoules (MJ): 0.056kg

Message To Customers

Here shows the most updated information to keep our customer informed.

The gas bill above is for reference only (revised in May 2019).

Please click here to view the gas bill (revised in Dec 2013).

Please click here to view the back page (revised in Feb 2024).

Bill Language

Towngas bills are available in Chinese, English or Braille. If you would like to change the bill language, just call our Customer Service Hotline on 2880 6988 or sign up for an eAccount at our eService Centre. You can also write to Customer Accounts Section, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, G.P.O. Box 134, Hong Kong.