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Network Safety

Network Safety

Absolutely, we have the responsibility to ensure our gas pipeline network is maintained to the highest standards. As such, our qualified technicians perform regular inspections for gas pipe and facilities under rigorous survey programmes. Advanced detection equipment can help to trace even very low-levels of gas seepage, enabling problems to be detected and rectified before they can develop into any reportable seepage incidents. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is an essential tool in the process. It monitors and controls over 4,000 telemetry and data points both in our network and all our strategic pressure-regulating stations. As a whole, these measures help to ensure a 99.99% reliability in our gas supply network.

Key Precautionary Measures

To protect our network from third party damage, we emphasise close coordination with the parties concerned with regard to any excavation work that may subject our pipelines to possible damage. Contractors are therefore requested to take a few key precautionary measures before they commence work.

If you are a contractor working in the vicinity of our underground pipeline network, can you please make sure you –

  • obtain and study gas pipe location plans before starting site work.
  • use pipe and cable locators together with the manual digging of trial holes to assure gas pipe locations.
  • ensure no heavy machinery is used in the vicinity of our gas pipes.
  • beware of syphon standpipes and cathodic protection (CP) cables.
  • provide adequate support to exposed gas pipes.

If you would like to arrange site meetings with Towngas as and when required by calling:

Distribution Operation Department

Tel: 2963 1811
Fax: 2392 7801

Preventing Gas Leakages Due to Pipe Damage

To prevent any gas leakages caused by damage to our pipes in the course of underground work carried out by a third party, we carry out regular trench inspections in addition to providing free safety briefings.

Regular Trench Inspections

We are possibly the only local utility to actively send our technicians on-site to mark the approximate alignment of our facilities to ensure the highest possible security. This additional effort has borne significant fruit – the number of incidents involving third party damage over the past decade has dropped by over 90%.

Free Safety Briefings

Enhancing site safety and greater safety awareness among site personnel, we offer free safety briefings to contractors and companies planning excavation work in the vicinity of our gas pipelines. Briefings last a couple of hours and cover:
  1. The Consequences of Gas Pipe Damage
  2. The Gas Ordinance and Code of Practice
  3. Preventive Measures
  4. Communications with Towngas

If you are interested in arranging a briefing session, please contact:

Distribution Operation Department

Tel: 2963 1811
Fax: 2392 7801

Our Pipeline Replacement Programme

We continue to monitor and enhance our pipeline infrastructure with an active maintenance and rehabilitation programme that meets recognised quality assessment guidelines. This includes leakage inspections, corrosion control, a damage prevention system as well as the scheduled replacement of older pipelines. As part of this programme, the more traditional cast iron pipes in our network have all been replaced over the past few years and our gas mains network in Hong Kong now consists primarily of steel, ductile iron, or medium-density polyethylene piping.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

We comply fully with all relevant safety regulations at all times. In Hong Kong, these requirements are covered by:

Chapter 51 Gas Safety Ordinance

Cap 51B Gas Safety (Gas Supply) Regulations

If you are a contractor working in the vicinity or our gas pipelines, we would like to ask that you take particular note of the two following points that fall under Regulation 23A.

Works in the vicinity of gas pipes:

  • No person shall carry out, or permit to be carried out, any works in the vicinity of a gas pipe unless he, or the person carrying out the works, has, before commencing the works, taken all reasonable steps to ascertain the location and position of the gas pipe.

    Failure to do so can result in a – Maximum Fine of HK$25,000 and imprisonment of 6 months
  • A person who carries out, or permits to be carried out, any works in the vicinity of a gas pipe shall ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to protect the gas pipe from damage arising out of the works that would be likely to prejudice safety.

    Failure to do so can result in a – Maximum Fine of HK$200,000 and imprisonment of 12 months. A continuing offence can result in a daily penalty of HK$10,000

Major Contacts

If there is an emergency, please call 2880 6999 or 999 immediately.

If you would like to arrange a site inspection, meeting or gas pipe identification, please contact:

Distribution Operation Department

Tel: 2963 1811
Fax: 2392 7801

For any enquiries on gas pipe information, please contact:

Tel: 2963 1166
Fax: 2561 6313

Address : 20/F, 363 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong