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Green Products

Green Products

Helping our customers to save costs and contribute to a cleaner environment, our wide range of more than 200 appliance models offer a number of energy-saving and eco-friendly features such as high energy efficiencies, as well as environmentally friendly materials, processes and packaging.

Meeting the needs of our residential customers, we launch at least one energy-efficient appliance every year. These award-winning appliances include special flame burners and built-in hobs, with some models improving energy efficiencies by almost 6% compared to more conventional models.

Developed by the company’s in-house product research team in 2018, a new SIMPA Two Burners Hotplate WZH2SE, equipped with a ‘Regenerative Electric Energy Module’ that will never require battery replacement for ignition, this environmentally friendly appliance is now available for purchase.


In the commercial and industrial market, our gas products and application systems help our customers to enhance their competitive edge. In the catering industry, for example, we have introduced a range of steam cabinets, steamers and electrostatic precipitators, which not only save energy but significantly reduce the exhaust from commercial kitchens. A new heat recovery feature in one of our steam cabinets has improved energy efficiencies to provide an efficiency factor of over 80%, while a new condensing water heater pack enjoys efficiencies of up to 94%.

Improving indoor air quality, our gas dehumidifiers serve such leading customers as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Film Archive and the Four Seasons Hotel. 
With the cooperation of manufacturers, we have also succeeded in reducing the use of polyfoam as packaging materials for our gas appliances. With more than 90% of our appliances imported from Asia now free of polyfoam packaging and all non-glass appliances totally polyfoam-free, we have reduced the use of this environmentally unfriendly material by about 5 tonnes per year.

For the catering industry, our Cool Kitchen 4-treasures series won the Hong Kong Awards for Industries. The product series can save energy and significantly reduce the exhaust from commercial kitchens. Moreover, our food steamers and steam cabinets equipped with heat recovery system have highly improved energy efficiencies.