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Towngas Group Management Trainee Programme

Towngas Group Management Trainee Programme


Mr Lam Ming Wing
Head of Group Human Resources

Towngas’ Group Management Trainee (MT) Programme is part of our Integrated Leadership Pipeline Scheme, designed to nurture and empower young talents. Targeted at graduates who will help us grow our energy businesses in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, the two-year programme provides participants with extensive professional knowledge through different functional attachments as well as project assignments in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Throughout the process, graduates can unleash their potential through their participation in corporate events, personal effectiveness training, mentoring and coaching.

Join us and experience how Towngas helps make the world a cleaner and better place for living, both today and for generations to come.

We are now recruiting talented fresh graduates or graduates with less than two years of working experience, who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, to join our Towngas Group Management Trainee Programme 2024.

About Us

Established in 1862, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) is Hong Kong’s first public utility. Celebrating over 160 years of transformation, Towngas has evolved from merely a fuel supplier for street lamps to a diversified energy group operating across Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. Today, Towngas and its subsidiary, Towngas Smart Energy, are listed on HKEX (stock codes: 0003 & 1083), employing a collective workforce of over 52,000 individuals across the country.

Our Business Profile

Hong Kong Businesses

Over the past 160 years, Towngas has provided the people of Hong Kong with safe, reliable and clean energy, while also striving to enhance the lives of its customers by offering innovative products that promote comfort and convenience. In Hong Kong, Towngas operates a gas network of over 3,700 kilometres in service of more than 1.9 million customer accounts, whose trust and support it has earned through its commitment to providing quality products and services.

Mainland Businesses

In 1994, Towngas expanded onto the Chinese Mainland and established its first project company in Panyu under the brand Towngas China to develop its city-gas business. Today, Towngas’ principal business interests on the mainland are consolidated under the Group’s publicly traded subsidiary, Towngas Smart Energy, and are supported by three main pillars:


  • City gas & utilities: covering upstream, midstream and downstream natural gas sectors, water sectors and urban waste treatment.
  • Renewable energy: over 130 renewable energy projects are currently in our development pipeline.
  • Extended businesses: offering various stylish kitchen equipment and cabinets, gas appliances, home accessories, health services and food products through omni-channels.
  • Diversified Businesses

    Towngas remains committed to keeping pace with the times and expanding its business. Apart from operating and developing various energy businesses, the Group’s scope has grown to include telecommunications and information technology, manufacturing, civil engineering and building services, as well as plant design, construction and gas project consultation.


    2022 Business Coverage


Programme Structure

Programme Details

During the two-year programme, all trainees will receive cross-business units and cross-division departmental training. Attachment plans will be based on business needs and tailored to each individual’s expertise, skillset and interest. Every trainee will be attached to various business units, including Hong Kong gas business, mainland energy businesses and other extended businesses in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Besides, job rotation will provide trainees with valuable exposure to, but not limited to, the following divisions:

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division ensures excellence and safety in the daily operations of the Group in gas production, transmission and distribution, while planning and preparing for the future expansion of our gas supply network. As a Management Trainee, you may be attached to:

  • Gas Production
  • Transmission Operation
  • Distribution Operation
  • Network Development

  • Commercial Division

    In addition to supplying gas to households and businesses, Towngas markets and sells quality kitchen appliances under our own brands in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. Our Commercial Division engages directly with our customers and employs digital data to drive business for the Group. As a Management Trainee, you may be attached to:

  • Business Analytics & e-Development
  • Customer Services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Residential Product & Quality

  • Corporate Division

    The Corporate Division formulates and executes the Group’s overarching ESG strategy, as well as oversees all our support functions, from corporate branding and CSR activities to safety compliance, business development, and innovation initiatives. As a Management Trainee, you may be attached to:

  • Group ESG
  • Group Corporate Affairs
  • Group Safety & Environmental Management
  • Mainland Business Strategy Office
  • Strategy & Innovation

  • Finance Division

    The Finance Division manages matters relating to corporate supplies and procurement to ensure effective cost and quality control. They also help maintain the continuous profit growth of the Group through prudent financial policies and efficient management of funds, liquidity, cash, and financial risks. As a Management Trainee, you may be attached to:

  • Corporate Supplies and Administration
  • Group Financial Reporting
  • Group Treasury

Programme Benefits

Fast-Track Career Development

This highly selective two-year programme is designed to groom future business leaders of Towngas. After graduating from the programme, you will stay in our talent pipeline and continue to be given immense opportunities to nurture your aptitude at work and in life. 

Cross-Business Unit Attachment

Running over 700 projects in 28 provincial regions on the Chinese Mainland, Towngas offers broad and exclusive exposure to new energy technologies as part of our commitment to sustainability and contribution to the country’s dual goals of reaching peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. 

Project Management

On top of businesses and departmental rotations, you will take ownership of various project-based assignments where you will find yourself pitching to senior management, driving real business impact, and realising your potential in project management and creativity. 

Professional Network Building

Representing Towngas, you will join international conferences, overseas company visits and various networking events, gaining opportunities to build an extensive professional network. 

Professional Qualification

Aside from strengthening your professional knowledge through a structured training programme, we will assist you in attaining relevant qualifications from various professional bodies, e.g. HKIE Scheme “A” Training. 

Community Relations and Engagement

By playing an active role in community events, you will cultivate a sense of belonging to both the company and society. 

Understanding the Energy Business

Through our professional and technical training, you will acquire expert knowledge and develop strong business acumen tailored to the energy sector, together with a comprehensive understanding of Towngas’ diversified operations and leadership in the industry. 

Mentorship Scheme

In order to develop your confidence and help you gain new perspectives, a mentorship scheme is established to provide one-on-one support and guidance to you throughout the programme. 

Career Path

As your career with us progresses, you will gradually acquire general management skills that form the foundation of all Towngas leaders. You will gain diverse practical and project experience through attachments to different business units. To ensure that the learning objectives are met, there will be on-going assessments and opportunities for MTs to present their insights to senior management.

The Group will assist MTs in attaining relevant professional qualifications.

Upon successful completion of the programme, MTs would have gained valuable experience in their respective professions and rotated across different business units and departments.

Application Requirements

We are now recruiting talented fresh graduates or graduates with less than two years' working experience from any disciplines with excellent academic results and following qualities to join our 2024 Towngas Group Management Trainee Programme:
• Passionate in Green Energy Businesse
• High mobility to travel and work in Chinese mainland
• Proactive and with a global mindset
• Strong leadership potential and interpersonal skills
• Good commercial acumen
• Strong problem solving skills
• Strong adaptability and flexibility
• Strong alignment with Towngas Culture and Values

Recruitment Schedule

Meet our MTs

  • Jasper Chan - 2011 MT
        Jasper Chan, Senior ESG Manager

    After graduating from HKUST (Chemical and Environmental Engineering), I joined Towngas in 2011 through the Management Trainee programme. During the 2-year programme, I was seconded to a chemical plant in Inner Mongolia that produces green methanol from waste tires, where I put my engineering knowledge into practical use and was responsible for the design of its first grey water recycling system. Towngas’ extensive geographical footprint in the country was definitely a big draw for me as a fresh graduate back then!

    What amazed me even more were the choices along my career path in Towngas and the support for me to shift from an engineer to my current role as Senior ESG Manager. Our Group’s longstanding commitment to sustainable development cultivated my interest in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) topics, not least carbon neutrality, climate resilience, and nature conservation. Hence, I am particularly proud to be leading my own team presently to help Towngas drive and double down on ESG initiatives in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, as well as capture new business opportunities unlocked by the energy transition.

    Riding on my commercial experience, I am now pursuing an MBA programme to advance my leadership skills. Towngas encourages and supports colleagues to pursue further education and expand their professional network.

  • Mandy Lai - 2014 MT
        Mandy Lai, Mainland Business Strategy Manager

    Upon graduating from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Technology Management, I joined Towngas in the year of 2014 as a Management Trainee.

    One of my attachments during the two-year MT Programme was in Xian, China. It was truly a splendid experience to explore this ancient, beautiful city while helping to design and implement a new workflow for residential gas meter installation with value-added services to enhance quality and safety.

    After completing the MT Programme, I landed a job in the Customer Installation and Enquiries Department in Hong Kong. Today, I am still proud to have been part of a team that initiated a paperless work order mobility system, which has resulted in saving over 3,000 pieces of paper from daily order printing. I derive a profound sense of achievement from taking ownership of projects and seeing the results come through.

    Currently, I am working in the Mainland Business Strategy Office as a manager, leading my own team with the goal of enhancing business synergies across divisions in our rapidly expanding business portfolio on the Chinese mainland. Looking back, I remain grateful to Towngas for transforming me into an all-round person with an agile mindset in this smart and green era.

  • Rita Chiu - 2014 MT
        Rita Chiu, Senior Engineer

    Since my early days as a Management Trainee in 2014, I have embarked on a remarkable journey with Towngas, one of Hong Kong’s leading energy groups. The two-year programme provided me with a solid foundation for my HKIE Scheme “A” training, a holistic understanding of the business, as well as invaluable exposure to the Chinese Mainland market.

    Upon graduation from the programme, I worked as an Assistant Engineer in the Technical Development Section of the Distribution Operation Department. It was a great experience to be entrusted with designing and executing projects to enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of medium to low-pressure underground gas pipe operations.

    Two years later, I was promoted to the position of Engineer in the Operation and Maintenance Section, where I started leading my own team in helping manage excavation permits from the Highway Department. I also served as a liaison officer during emergency incidents, coordinating with external parties and preparing comprehensive reports to minimise future risks.

    Hard work always pays off in Towngas – in 2021, I received the Outstanding Employee Award. Now, as a Senior Engineer in the Distribution Maintenance Section, I continue to contribute to Towngas’ success while striving for excellence in my field. My journey with Towngas has been enriching so far, and I look forward to reaching new heights in the future.

    My tip for new graduates: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” ― Theodore Roosevelt.

  • Parry Chan - 2016 MT
        Parry Chan, Purchasing Manager

    Working at Towngas has been an invaluable experience that has greatly contributed to my personal development.

    Towngas has been a catalyst for building numerous valuable relationships that have significantly impacted my personal and professional growth. Through interacting with various colleagues, I have witnessed the transformative power of embracing a learning mindset, which has enhanced my enjoyment of work and enriched my overall life experience. Furthermore, my managers have been instrumental in instilling in me the significance of inquisitiveness, encouraging me to constantly ask thought-provoking questions and challenge established assumptions.

    The camaraderie I have developed with my fellow workmates over the years has evolved into deep and enduring friendships, serving as an unwavering source of support during both joyous and challenging times. The genuine sense of togetherness and warmth that emanates from embarking on this journey alongside others from day one is truly unparalleled. I am immensely grateful to Towngas for gifting me with these invaluable relationships, as they have shaped me into a more well-rounded individual and have made my professional journey immensely fulfilling.


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