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Towngas Graduate Trainee Programme

Towngas Graduate Trainee Programme



Miss Kit Fan, Head of Corporate Human Resources

Towngas’ Graduate Trainee (GT) Programme is part of our Integrated Leadership Pipeline scheme which aims to nurture young talents. Targeted at graduates who will help us to grow our energy businesses in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland, the two-year programme provides participants with extensive professional knowledge through different functional attachments as well as project assignments in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. Throughout the process, graduates realise their potential through active participation in voluntary services, personal effectiveness training, mentoring and coaching.

Join us and experience how Towngas helps to make the world a cleaner and better place for living, now and in the future.

We are now recruiting talented fresh graduates or graduates with less than two years’ working experience with strong academic achievement to join our 2021 Graduate Trainee Program for Hong Kong and Chinese mainland Businesses.

We hire for attitude, train for skills.

This is Towngas’ recruitment philosophy. We are committed to nurturing our next generation of business leaders.

Miss Kit Fan
Head of Corporate Human Resources

Why Towngas

  • Broad exposure to diversified project assignments on new energy, business, technology, etc. in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and overseas
  • May proceed a fast track to professional qualifications under HKIE Scheme “A” Training
  • An experience to Towngas’ commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • All-round learning opportunities with mentoring and coaching
  • Fulfilling work in a stimulating and harmonius environment
Technical visit in Tai Po Plant

Programme Highlights

In order to ensure that you acquire the essential knowledge and skills for building your career at Towngas during the 24-month training program, you will be exposed to a wide range of training and job attachments to our businesses in both Hong Kong and Chinese mainland, including:

Personal Development

Nurturing your aptitude at work and in life builds the foundation for you to become competent business leaders. A great variety of personal enhancement opportunities are provided througout the two years. Including business etiquette workshops, outward bound training, etc.

Professional Qualification

Aside from strengthening your professional knowledge through our structured training programme, we will assist you in attaining qualifications from various professional bodies.

Mentor Scheme

In order to develop your confidence and help you to acquire new perspectives, a mentoring scheme is established to provide support and guidance to you throughout the programme.

Mainland Attachment

Collaborating with over 260 project companies in 26 provinces, you will be involved in a wide range of projects in Chinese mainland to gain hands-on experience and appreciate different cultures.

Project Management

Participating in various corporate projects, you will learn more about the nature of our business and realise your potential in project management and creativity.

Overseas Delegation &
Corporate Events

Representing Towngas, you will join international conferences, overseas company visits and various networking events, and gain opportunities to build an extensive professional network.

Technical Training Workshops

Through acquiring industry-related knowledge, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of Towngas' energy supply business and operation. 

Community Services

By playing an active role in community service, you will cultivate a sense of belonging to both the company and the society through activities such as:

  • Farming for Fun
  • Cooking for Fun
  • Star Gazing Camp

Program Structure


(Please see below video for a brief introduction of the Towngas Graduate Trainee Programme.)

Career Path

As your career with us progresses, you will gradually acquire general management skills that form the foundation of all Towngas leaders. You will gain diverse practical and project experience through attachments to different business units. To ensure that the learning objectives are met, there will be on-going assessments and opportunities for GTs to present their insights to senior management.

The Group will assist GTs in attaining relevant qualifications from the following professional bodies:

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE); or
Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM);

Upon successful completion of the programme, GTs would have gained valuable experience in their respective professions and rotated across different departments.

Application Requirements

We are now recruiting talented fresh graduates or graduates with less than two years' working experience with strong academic achievement to join our 2021 Graduate Trainee Program for Hong Kong and mainland China Businesses.

Master or Bachelor degree holders in the following disciplines:
     - Chemical Engineering
     - Mechanical Engineering
     - Industrial Engineering
     - Energy and Environmental Engineering
     - Building Services Engineering
     - Business Studies (for Mainland Utility Businesses ONLY)

。Keen interest in Green Energy Industry
。Passionate about protecting and preserving the environment
。Strong problem solving, analytical skills and innovative mindset
。Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese, including Putonghua
。High mobility to travel and work in mainland China and South East Asia

Recruitment ScheduleGT-Recruitment-Timeline-(3).jpg

Meet our GTs

  • Simon Ngo Head of Engineering - Hong Kong Utilities
    BSc (Mechanical Engineering) – The University of Hong Kong
    1982 GT

    The two-year GT training programme not only gave me a strong foundation in gas engineering, it also provided me with a comprehensive view of the operation and management of a gas utility, especially how different units closely collaborate to bring success to an organisation.

    There is no pure gas engineering discipline in the curriculum of the University of Hong Kong, nor is it common in universities in other parts of the world. Choosing a career in gas engineering was a new venture to most engineering students at the time I graduated. Nevertheless, realising that gas engineering is closely tied to mechanical engineering, especially my favorite subjects of material science and fluid mechanics, and that the booming economy and development of Hong Kong would require a strong supportive energy infrastructure, I considered that it would be a propitious and fascinating area for my career development. Interestingly enough, that was the only job I applied for after graduation as I had a strong feeling that I “belonged” to the gas industry.

    After two years of graduate training, I was appointed to the Transmission and Distribution Department. I was lucky to be selected to get involved in standards and technical development of the department, vested with the responsibility of advancing the codes of practice for all important gas transmission and distribution procedures. This gave me the chance to go into the details of each step of the procedures, helping me to gradually acquire a strong technical competency to face future challenges and opportunities.

    The gas industry in Hong Kong has had a dramatic trajectory in the past few decades, and offered great opportunities for all those who have devoted themselves to the profession. With continuing growth and the booming expansion of the energy market in China and other parts of the world, there would seem to be ever-more brilliant opportunities for young practitioners entering the industry today.

    The Gospel of Matthew says that “…… as he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the birds came and devoured them: and others fell upon the rocky places, where they had not much earth: and straightway they sprang up, because they had no deepness of earth: and when the sun was risen, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. And others fell upon the thorns; and the thorns grew up and choked them: and others fell upon the good ground, and yielded fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty……” this is a good metaphor for the Towngas GT program as it is certainly one of the best grounds in which to nurture those who have a vision to develop a flourishing future career in the gas industry.

  • Albert Leung Deputy General Manager - Ma Tau Kok Plant
    Msc (Quality Management) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    BEng (Mechanical Engineering) - The University of Hong Kong
    1987 GT

    The Towngas GT program gave me solid professional knowledge and experience that I have found indispensable in meeting my various responsibilities working in gas operations and maintenance, IT development and control systems, business process reengineering as well as product design, production and marketing associated with the manufacturing arm of the company. The business portfolios of Towngas provide plenty of opportunities for developing a professional career not only in Hong Kong but also in the fast expanding energy-related and service industries in mainland China. Readiness to take up new challenges is the spirit of graduates from Towngas’ GT program.

  • Felix LeeHead of Corporate Supplies and Administration
    MBA – The University of Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Social Science - The University of Hong Kong
    1990 GT

    I still remember one of the questions asked of me in my interview for the GT programme: “Do you have high endurance?”. My answer was a definite “YES” and this has always given me a strong determination to move forward throughout the days that have followed my acceptance on the scheme.

    The training programme covered overall company operations and gave me a good understanding of the duties of different departments. Most importantly, it helped me establish a good relationship with colleagues and therefore gave me a deep sense of belonging.

    Towngas offers many opportunities to GTs. After completion of the program, I joined the Corporate Supplies Department, and was immediately enmeshed in the establishment of a modern and efficient warehouse in Towngas. Right after that I was given the chance to take part in the reform of business flow and ERP system implementation; in 2004, I moved to the mainland and became absorbed in the development of Towngas China Company Ltd. Challenges do not stop in Towngas; today I am equally challenged with the growth of the Group’s new energy business which I have been involved with since 2008.

  • Edmond Fong General Manager - U-Tech
    MA (Arbitration and Dispute Resolution) – City University of Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering – University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    1990 GT

    Towngas’ GT programme is a structured training programme approved by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for developing future professional engineers. It is also a leader-breeder programme.

    I have had opportunities to take part in a wide range of operations and projects of the Towngas Group including infrastructure development, quality management, business process improvement, research studies and so on. The knowledge, skills and experience I have gained have forged a solid route for my professional and leadership career development and firmly equipped me to face any new challenges ahead.

  • Lai Kam To General Manager - Distribution Operation
    MBA – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    MSc (Environmental Engineering) – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    BEng (Mechanical Engineering) – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    1995 GT

    I have great memories of being a graduate trainee of Towngas. The GT program gave me invaluable experience through job attachments to various departments and functions of the company. The GT program aims to foster future leaders for the Group and there are always plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and take up challenges in different geographic locations.

    Through the program you not only gain an understanding of gas business fundamentals but also meet many colleagues working in different aspects of the business, including mainland counterparts. This helps to build up your personnel network which is vital for career development. The various activities embraced by the program help enrich your skills and help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. As a result you are able to maximize your potential. Show courage and take up the challenge – join the Towngas family as a graduate trainee today!

  • Connie Yiu Senior Retail Sales Manager
    MBA – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    BEng (Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering) – The University of Hong Kong
    1996 GT

    The Towngas Graduate Trainee program is a well-established and sophisticated training scheme. The first two years of attachments helps you to build good relationships with colleagues all over the company as well as to develop solid groundwork that is beneficial to career development in the long run. On top of that, there is also the chance to participate in corporate events that ensures hands-on experience. Indeed, this training program built my confidence and readied me to take on whatever challenges I might come across in future.

    After graduation, Graduate Trainee rotates jobs from time to time giving you the opportunity to explore the potential and encourage the drive towards excellence. Here you will gain lots of job satisfaction. Don’t miss the chance to join us! Here you will find your dream career!

  • Franklin Chan Assistant Vice President 
    MScE (Industrial management & Industrial Engineering) – The University of Hong Kong
    BEng (Mechanical Engineering) – The University of Hong Kong
    2001 GT

    The Towngas GT Program is a very comprehensive and knowledgeable training program. It provided me with a very precious platform to develop my professional growth, personal skills and particular China-specific qualities. From that foundation, and with plenty of opportunities given to me by the company, I have been able to liberate my potential through numerous challenging projects both in Hong Kong and mainland China. It’s been an amazing experience to witness the “golden ten years” of China’s rapid economic and social change. Look beyond the end of your fingers and you’ll find the world is a bigger place than you could ever have imagined.

  • Joyce Lam Treasury Manager
    MSc (Financial Analysis) – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Master of Engineering – University of Toronto
    Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) – University of London
    2001 GT

    The all-round Graduate Trainee program allows you to learn knowledge in different areas and helps build up a networking circle with colleagues and other parties, which greatly helped me when I transferred from an engineering background to the finance field. I am now into my 10+ year working with Towngas and it is the warmth and challenges that have kept me in this historically long-standing, yet energetic, company. I started as an assistant engineer in gas product development once I had finished the two-year GT training program, and was delighted to become a business analyst in the Managing Director’s Office. The experience of being involved in business strategy development and analyzing corporate management data broadened my perspectives as well as career horizons. Full support from the Company on training and further study has since equipped me well for any future challenges I may meet.

  • Desmond Cheung Assistant General Manager - Corporate Safety Risk
    MEng (Building Services Engineering) – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    BEng (Building Services Engineering) – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    2002 GT

    Founded in 1862, Towngas has grown from a Hong Kong-based city-gas utility to a national clean energy enterprise. To sustain growth, Towngas set up a GT training program to nurture young talent as future leaders of the company. Down the years, the GT program has developed exponentially supported by the right balance of training and direction. As a Towngas GT, the training program gave me comprehensive exposure to all aspects of the gas business as well as practical on-site experience. With all-round engineering knowledge and skills acquired in Towngas, I was awarded first prize in the Trainee of the Year Award organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in 2004. After the completion of my GT program, I stepped out of the borders of Hong Kong and took up a challenging role in enforcing the proactive HSE management system in our mainland and overseas joint venture companies. Throughout the years, I have been involved in the projects of city-gas and water supply, gas-filling station, chemical plant, coal mine and on-shore oil exploration and production.

  • Stephen Lee Senior Engineer
    MEng (Aeronautical Engineering) – Imperial College London
    2005 GT

    The 2-year GT training helped me develop into a technical engineer with an international perspective. By exposing me to a variety of sectors of expertise during intensive rotational attachments in different departments, and by giving me opportunities to participate in various engineering and leadership projects, including through secondment to our mainland joint venture companies, I have achieved my goal of honing the knowledge and skills required of a professional gas engineer, and being able to apply them in real-time scenarios. I have also worked on numerous corporate events and other external activities which have allowed me to fulfil my responsibilities as a socially-engaged employee while also contributing to my personal development; in return, this has shaped me into a well-rounded person. The GT programme has greatly nurtured and encouraged me to perform to the best of my abilities.

  • Camilla Yau e-Service Development Manager
    BEng (Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management) – The University of Hong Kong
    2009 GT

    “Igniting your Future” is one of my favorite themes of Towngas as it perfectly describes the 2-year GT program. The comprehensiveness of the training scheme, from experience of company-wide departmental operations to gas engineering workshops and various all-round personal skills development, has furthered my professional growth and maturity. As a GT of Towngas, I have been encouraged to observe and learn from many different angles, to become involved in challenging yet interesting projects, and to explore and stretch my full potential. I must say “the 2 years GT program was a truly bright working experience and offered me the best fuel to ignite my future”.

  • Ryan Chiu Vice President
    BEng in Chemical Engineering & BBA in General Business Administration – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    2011 GT

    The two-year Towngas Graduate Trainee Programme not only allowed me to acquire engineering and business knowledge but also provided me with an excellent platform to grow, develop and contribute.

    Apart from having comprehensive training on Hong Kong Core Business and the opportunity to attend international energy conferences, I was able to learn in various projects of New Energy business through attaching at gigantic chemical plants in the Mainland China as a Graduate Trainee focusing on New Energy Business. I, like a sponge, kept absorbing throughout the process. My technical knowledge, interpersonal skills and business sense were enhanced.

    The two-year journey is challenging, fruitful and exciting, which has built a very strong foundation for my future career development.