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Towngas recently received customer enquiries on suspicious gas bill. The alleged claim and embedded links have been found to be fraudulent. The matter has since been reported to the police. Please stay alert and do not click on any attachment or link contained in any email or message that appears suspicious. For enquiries, please call 2880 6988 or email
2023-11-28 13:00:00
Professional Services

Professional Services

The advisory team

  • Provides free professional consultation
  • Makes site visits to advise businesses how to use town gas in the most efficient way
  • Conducts installations and supplies various types of town gas-fired equipment
  • Prepares an optimum fuel utilisation plan for each business, designing piping systems for individual needs and preparing cost estimates absolutely FREE

Main Page of Commerce and Industry

Towngas offers a FREE and COMPREHENSIVE advisory service to help business people utilise town gas profitably.
Please click here for details of Product and Application.

Maintenance Service

Contract Maintenance

With the contract maintenance scheme, your appliances are maintained to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

Tailor-made Solutions

Our staff will discuss your needs with you and provide you with a tailor-made maintenance scheme as solution. Once you become a contract customer, you will be entitled to unlimited FREE on-demand service.

Preventive Maintenance - The safe way to reduce business interruptions

Our preventive maintenance programme helps prevent the breakdown of your gas equipment. Depending on the condition of your appliances and the services you require, we will provide a regular inspection service.

Emergency Repair

Our experienced and well-equipped service teams are ready to answer your emergency calls around the clock. Simply call our Customer Service Hotline 2880 6988.

Free Professional Advice

Our engineers can provide you with technical advice on the selection of appropriate gas appliances and the installation of your gas supply.

Flexible Payment

The contract fee is based on the type and quantity of your installed appliances and the services required. Payment can be settled in advance in cash or by crossed cheque at any Customer Centre, or can be included in your monthly gas bill.

Enquiry Hotline

For more information on how we can help you, please contact 2880 6988 or fax 2590 7886.

On-Demand Commercial & Industrial Maintenance Services

In addition to the contract maintenance scheme, we offer on-demand maintenance services for our commercial and industrial customers.

On-site Inspection Unit Rate*   First Unit of Applicance# Each Extra Unit Afterwards
Monday to Friday
Same Day HK $740 HK $530
Next Day^ HK $530 HK $420
- HK $740 HK $530
Monday to Friday
- HK $1420 HK $950
Saturday PM
Sunday or Public Holiday
Monday to Sunday or Public Holiday
- HK $1980

Note:    ^Normal Office Hours
* On-site inspection charge does not include repair, spare parts, and engineering work charges. Upon the completion of the on-site inspection, our technician will quote you the repair, spare parts, and engineering work charges respectively.
  On-site inspection charge includes inspection, malfunction identifications, and the repair charge of the non-major spare parts replacement.
# On-site inspection unit rate of boiling tables, wok ranges, and stockpots are on burner basis.
General Terms and Conditions

(i) On-site inspection unit rate of boiling tables, wok ranges, and stockpots are on burner basis.
(ii) Once the appliance is checked, the on-site inspection charge will be charged even though the customer declines further repairing, or the appliance is irreparable due to the unavailability of the required parts.
(iii) After the on-site inspection and determined the cause of the defect, our technician will quote you the repair, spare parts, and engineering work charges respectively. respectively. The quotation is valid for 2 months. 
(iv) If the customer request to cancel the on-site service after the arrival of our technician, an attendance fee will be applied.
- Monday to Friday 08:30-17:29 and Saturday 08:30-13:29 - Attendance fee: HK $300
- Other sessions - Attendance fee: HK $460
(v) Paid on-site inspection charge is valid within 7 days. Provided that the appliance become malfunction with the same fault.
(vi) The warranty of newly replaced spare parts (exclude damage caused by human factors or misuse) is 1 month. This warranty service does not cover consumable parts (e.g. thermocouple lead, pan support, drip pan, burner cap, and burner ring).
(vii) Unless specified, spare parts shall be provided by The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited.
(viii) The fee of duplicate work receipt: HK$300 per receipt.
(ix) A HK$950 travelling surcharge per service order will be applied for Hong Kong outlying islands, remote areas, or restricted areas (excluding Tung Chung Town Centre and Discovery Bay).
(x) If the appliance is located outdoor, our technicians reserve the right not to provide any service if the weather condition is not allowed or there is a risk to their personal safety.
(xi) On-site inspection and repair service will be suspended during severe weather conditions, such as rainstorm or thunderstorm warnings and cause delay for scheduled appointments. All services will be cancelled if typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted. Affected customers will be contacted for alternative service arrangements after the warning signal is cancelled.
(xii) The customer shall provide a reasonable, sufficient, and safe working space to access appliances for service. Our technicians reserve the right not to provide any service if the workspace is limited, non-sufficient, unsafe or should there be a risk to create damage of any kind due to the working space.
(xiii) In the event of any dispute, The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited reserves the right to make the final decision.

Last Update: 5-July-2021


The gas charge is calculated in accordance with the current tariff plus fuel cost adjustment. The following rates have been in effect since 1 August 2022:

Monthly Consumption in Megajoules (MJ) Price Per MJ (HK$)
First 500 (Monthly Initial Charge $20) 27.25 cents
Next 2,000 27.15 cents
Next 5,000 27.11 cents
Next 10,000 27.01cents
Next 15,000 26.91 cents
Next 25,000 26.78 cents
Next 50,000 26.68 cents
Next 50,000 26.59 cents
Next 50,000 26.49 cents
Next 50,000 26.40 cents
Over 257,500 26.30 cents

Fuel Cost Adjustment (Current Month Fuel Cost Adjustment - cents per MJ)

For every complete multiple of HK$1 by which the effective feedstock cost* rises above (or falls below) the equivalent of HK$1,420 per kilolitre of naphtha, the charge for gas will be increased (or reduced) at the rate of 0.004 of a cent per MJ.

*effective feedstock cost is the weighted average cost (based on energy content) of different feedstock used for production of town gas

Monthly Initial Charge

Commercial and industrial customer: Depends on the meter's flow capacity

Bulk Tariff Agreement

Customers with high gas consumption are welcomed to make an agreement with us for special bulk tariff rate. For details, please call our Commercial and Industrial Enquiry Hotline 2963 3300.

The Company’s terms and conditions for the supply of town gas together with the tariff table are available on request. Consumption of gas supplied by the Company shall constitute acceptance of the Company's terms and conditions.

Bill Payment

Please refer to Household Bill Payment methods.

Open/Close Account

Please call our Customer Service Hotline 2880 6988, Commercial and Industrial Enquiry Hotline 2963 3300 or visit any of our customer centres during office hours to inform us if you wish to open or close account.

To Open Account

Our staff will discuss your needs with you and please note the following points:

  • Our surveyors will visit your shop or factory and quote the charge for connecting gas supply.
  • If your shop or factory already has a gas meter and you wish to open a gas account, just call or visit us to apply.
  • If your shop or factory is already connected with gas supply, please report the latest meter reading which will be considered as your account's initial reading. A copy of your business registration should also be submitted. Customer is required to pay a deposit.
  • New customers will be provided with a set of terms and conditions. If necessary, we will arrange for technicians to visit your shop or factory to connect the gas supply.

To have your gas supply disconnected

  • Please notify us at least two working days in advance.
  • Our technicians will visit the premises to take the latest meter reading and disconnect the gas supply.
  • If you wish to have your gas appliances or gas meters disconnected, we will arrange for surveyors to visit your shop or factory to quote charges.

Deposit Refund

Please stamp with your company chop and endorse on the back of the deposit receipt. Return it to any of our customer centres or post to:
The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited
Customer Accounts Section
22/F, 363 Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong
Note: Deposits are not transferable and will be returned to you by cheque.
For enquiries, please call our

Customer Service Hotline 2880 6988
or Commercial and Industrial Enquiry Hotline 2963 3300.


If you think of opening a restaurant, you may need to apply for different licences, which can be a time-consuming task involving a lot of paperwork. The following site may be helpful to you.

How to Apply for Restaurant Licences

How to Apply for Town Gas

Please click here to download "How to Apply for Town Gas" Instruction.

Safety Tips

You are welcomed to download "Towngas Safety Tips for Commercial and Industrial Customers".