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As a precautionary measure against the new coronavirus, we have temporarily suspended our on-site meter reading and Regular Safety Inspection services. Please kindly report your meter reading for more accurate billing. If you would like to book a maintenance appointment, please visit our eService Centre or call our Customer Service Hotline 2880 6988. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding.


As a Hong Kong-based utility company, Towngas has been serving the local community for more than 150 years. Building on our many achievements over the years, we have expanded the scope of our businesses to become a diversified conglomerate, in Greater China region.


  • Towngas Volunteer Services Team bringing warmth to Hong Kong homes for 20 years

  • The Group's first food waste project, located at Suzhou Industrial Park, went into trial production in February 2019.


  • Towngas invested in Foshan Water Environmental Protection Co., Ltd and this is our first water services project in the Greater Bay Area.

  • Towngas Built Country’s First Underground Salt-Cavern Gas Storage by City-Gas Enterprise to Further Secure Gas Supply.


  • Towngas issues its first 10-year Green Bond to fund environmentally-friendly waste-to-energy investments

  • Towngas launches the Largest Landfill Gas Conversion Facility of its kind in Asia. Proportion of Renewable Energy usage expected to rise to 5%


  • ECO’s pilot project converting agricultural waste into furfural and levulinic acid is anticipated to have significant implications for the nation’s environmental practices

  • The first commercialised project utilising landfill gas to fuel the combined heat and power system in Hong Kong was commissioned at a hospital in Tai Po

  • Towngas headquarters is Hong Kong’s first non-residential building to attain the Final Platinum rating under BEAM Plus


  • We developed a landmark 222 projects in mainland China, mostly joint ventures, spanning upstream, midstream and downstream natural gas sectors, water sectors, environmentally-friendly energy applications, energy resources' exploration and utilisation as well as telecommunications

  • The Group's water business celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and introduced "AquaJoy", a high-end bottled purified water product.

  • We unveiled a wide array of extended services businesses including online bill payment, home insurance, kitchen solution as well as stylish household merchandise, opening new business opportunites in mainland China.

  • With the new technologies for converting agricultural and forestry waste into natural gas through thermal gasification, we are planning to commence a pilot project in Hebei province.

  • In collaboration with members of the District Councils, we staged the Gas Appliance for the Community Programme with a target of delivering 10,000 gas hotplates to the needy in Hong Kong.


  • In Hong Kong we hosted the 13th Gas Information Exchange in the Western Pacific Area Conference and Exhibition for International gas operators.

  • Marking its 10th year of operations, our subsidiary Towngas Telecom opened a large scale data centre in Hong Kong, the second such facility in its portfolio.

  • Innovation continued to drive our business in 2014 with the establishment of S-Tech, a new IT services venture focused on the application for cloud computing.

  • Agreement for the implemtation of the South East New Territories landfill gas utilisation project was signed, helping the landfill site to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


  • The Towngas Cooking Centre has moved to Lee Theatre in Causeway Bay and introduced a new concept: the KIDchen, where parents and kids can share the joy of flame cooking together.

  • We opened China’s first inland LNG fuelling station for vessels on the Yangtze River in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

  • Launched “Warmth and Care Fresh Food Aid Programme”, donated HK$1.5 million to deliver fresh food packs to underprivileged families in Hong Kong.

  • Awarded the “Innovation and Creativity Grand Award” at the 2013 Hong Kong Awards for Industries for our proprietary invention, the Laparobot, which can perform remote inspection and maintenance of the pipeline, improve project efficiency and also reduce the nuisance caused to the public.


  • Celebrated Anniversary 150th

  • Our portfolio on the mainland rose to 150 projects in 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions

  • Set up our first overseas oilfield project in Thailand

  • Introduced the prestigious Scholtès appliance brand to provide high-end kitchen solutions


  • Issued first Chinese Renminbi Bond.

  • Guaranteed HKCG (Finance) Limited HK$3.8 billion 5-Year term loan and revolving credit facility.

  • Commissioned ECO’s Coal-based methanol plant in Inner Mongolia.

  • Launched Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited’s Data centre in Jinan.


  • Commissioned ECO's aviation fuel facility in Tuen Mun.

  • Launched our Kitchen consultancy and design service - Mia Cucina.

  • Opened a new Flame restaurant at Towngas Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui.

  • Launched new high-efficient Lotus flame built-in hob.


  • Launched "Low Carbon Action!" campaign to encourage the public taking actions and leading a low-carbon lifestyle.

  • Commissioned ECO's liquefied coalbed methane plant in Jincheng, Shanxi province.

  • Towngas Group operates 100 projects in 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in mainland China.


  • Launched the Towngas Consession Scheme for Single-parent Families.

  • ECO Energy Company Limited became ECO Environmental Investments Limited, expanding its scope to develop new eco-energy businesses on the mainland.

  • Commissioned the first Compressed Natural Gas filling station in Shaanxi province.


  • Sold our 100,000th Bauhinia appliance in mainland China.

  • Commissioned the Northeast New Territories landfill gas utilisation project in Ta Kwu Ling.

  • Unveiled "Cook Easy", our first social enterprise providing a convenient food pack delivery service.

  • Became the first gas utility in Asia to attain the PAS 55-1:2004 asset management specifications global standard.


  • The acquisition of Panva Gas Holdings Limited, later renamed Towngas China Company Limited, doubled our projects from 35 in 2005 to 60, with coverage across 15 provinces in mainland China.

  • Introduced natural gas as a partial feedstock in the production of town gas.

  • Inaugurated the Xi'an piped city-gas joint venture, our largest investment which provides a gateway to further operations in Northwestern China.


  • Established Wujiang Hong Kong and China Water Company Limited, the first of our water supply joint ventures.


  • Introduced natural gas to Yixing manufacture industry and improved the air quality in the territory, which was recognised by receiving the national award.


  • The Chinese government approved the establishment of our Towngas Nanjing joint venture, which is the first provincial grade JV.

  • Established the second provincial grade JV in Wuhan province.


  • Established "The Hong Kong and China Investments Limited" to oversee the business development in mainland China.

  • Our gas pipeline network in Hong Kong grew to over 3,000km with new pipelines reaching out to the Science Park alongside Tolo Harbour and the Cyperport Complex at Telegraph Bay.

  • Began the extension of our pipelines to the Hong Kong International Theme Park on Lantau Island.


  • New ECO stations were opened in Mei Foo and Tuen Mun.

  • Our customer numbers grew to 1.4 million in Hong Kong.

  • We opened our first Towngas Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui.

  • Piped city-gas project was extended out of Guangdong province to Jiangsu and Shandong provinces.


  • Our Tai Po Gas Production Plant received ISO 14001 Certification.

  • Received a 3% equity in the Guangdong Liquefied Natural Gas Receiving Terminal and Trunkline Project.

  • Established a training centre at Dongyong in Guangzhou.

  • Established GH-Fushion Ltd. to manufacture polyethylene fittings for gas and water pipe systems in China.

  • Received the contract to design, construct and operate two dedicated liquefied petroleum gas filling stations (ECO stations) at West Kowloon and Chai Wan. ECO Energy Company Limited (now renamed ECO Environmental Investments Limited) formed to operate these stations.

  • Launched TGC, our own in-house brand of diversified and top quality gas appliances.

  • Initiated the production of dry ice at our Tai Po Plant, utilising carbon dioxide emitted during the gas production process.

  • Launched our bimonthly billing scheme.

  • Set up District Council Focus Teams to enhance communications with Hong Kong's 18 District Councils.


  • Launched the Towngas Card, a credit card issued in association with the Bank of East Asia.

  • Became the first Hong Kong company to use landfill gas from the Shuen Wan Landfill site for commercial applications.

  • Became the first public utility in Hong Kong to introduce a Virtual Customer Centre.


  • The establishment of our fourth joint venture in China, Guangzhou Dongyong Hong Kong and China Gas Limited, in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District.

  • U-Tech Engineering Company Limited was established.


  • Completion of the 3,500 kPa transmission pipeline and distribution network supplying town gas to North Lantau Island and the Hong Kong International Airport.

  • Commissioning of a 10-km distribution pipeline to supply gas to the Eastern New Territories and Sai Kung.


  • Our Zhongshan joint venture commenced operations.

  • Received ISO 9001 certification for our gas transportation activities.

  • Launched our Continuing Transformation Programme.


  • The Panyu joint venture. Our first city gas joint venture on the mainland commenced operations.

  • We received three further ISO 9002 certificates for our Tuen Mun Substitute Natural Gas (SNG), Ma Tau Kok and Tai Po gas production plants.

  • Completed the conversion of SNG into town gas in Tuen Mun.

  • Implemented the launch of our Regular Safety Inspection Programme.

  • Introduced the Towngas Concession Scheme for the Elderly.


  • Our domestic operations received ISO 9002 certification.

  • Began the installation of the 3,500 kPa transmission pipeline from Route Twisk to Tai Ho on Lantau Island.

  • The new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system was introduced. The system monitors and controls over 1,800 real-time telemetered points as well as all our strategic pressure-regulating stations throughout the territory.

  • The Towngas Service Pledge was established.


  • Customer Focus Team was introduced.


  • Our quality improvement "Superior Quality Service Programme" was set up.

  • The Towngas Environmental Working Group was established.


  • Commissioned Phase One of Tai Po Plant.


  • Mr Lee Shau Kee became Chairman of the Board of Directors.


  • Towngas' corporate registration was transferred to Hong Kong.


  • Supply network established to Chung Hom Kok and Stanley on Hong Kong Island.

  • First venture with the Hong Kong Housing Authority to supply town gas to a public housing estate in Kowloon.


  • Naphtha was first introduced as a fuel in the production of town gas.


  • Feedstock for the production of town gas changed from coal to heavy oil.


  • Towngas Company shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


  • The new gasholder at Ma Tau Kok began operations.


  • Gas supply mains consisting of 24-km of pipelines were connected to 500 street lamps and selected buildings.

  • Commenced supplies of town gas in Hong Kong.


  • The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) was founded in the United Kingdom.