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Our ESG Approach

Our ESG Approach

To promote a sustainable future, we are committed to enhancing environmental, social and governance (ESG) development in every aspect of our business, and keeping our promise to stakeholders of building a better environment for the next generation. In order to achieve this target, we developed an ESG Framework that is aligned with our Vision, Mission, Commitment and Responsibility.


To be Asia’s leading clean energy supplier and quality service provider, with a focus on innovation and environmental friendliness.


To provide our customers with a safe, reliable supply of energy and the caring, competent and efficient service they expect, while working to preserve, protect and improve our environment.


To conduct ourselves in an ethical and transparent manner so that all stakeholders know we are accountable to them for the decisions and actions we take to become a sustainable business.


To recognise the importance of our employees and their contribution to the success of our business, and our responsibility to keep them safe, informed, engaged and equipped to undertake our mission.


ESG Framework

Our framework centres on our philosophy of “Growth = innovation x implementation”, articulating five key areas for ESG development: Creating Business Opportunities; Ensuring Health and Safety.