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Towngas recently received customer enquiries on suspicious gas bill. The alleged claim and embedded links have been found to be fraudulent. The matter has since been reported to the police. Please stay alert and do not click on any attachment or link contained in any email or message that appears suspicious. For enquiries, please call 2880 6988 or email towngas.cs@towngas.com
2023-11-28 13:00:00


We have continued to invest in our gas supply network ensuring that capacity keeps pace with growing demand. Our supply network has grown over the years, currently extending to over 3,700 km. 


Grid Control Centre

Gas supply pressure must be carefully monitored and controlled at all times. To this end, we have operated a 24 x 7 grid control centre, equipped with a sophisticated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA), since the early 1980s. With precision instruments installed at strategic locations throughout our network, the system continuously monitors the status of our entire supply network, raising an alarm if any abnormality is located. This greatly enhances our operation efficiencies and allows us to effectively provide a safe and reliable gas supply to our customers.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

A state of the art Geographic Information System (GIS) provides detailed computerised drawings of all our pipelines with every item of necessary information such as location, depth, materials, diameter, pressure ratings, etc. of the network being readily available. With the ready accessibility of this information and its sophisticated analysis functions, GIS not only enhances our daily operational efficiencies, it also improves our network planning. Working in conjunction with the SCADA system, GIS provides an indispensable tool in the management of our network, enabling the handling of any gas emergencies much more swiftly and effectively.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology significantly reduces the need for excavation and open trench work in the laying of gas pipelines. We use different techniques, many of which we pioneered ourselves. These techniques minimise the impact of pipeline construction on the environment and the community, reducing the dust and noise created during construction work and reducing the number of construction vehicles. This means less traffic congestion and a reduced impact on the local neighbourhood.


The self-developed innovation of Towngas, Laparobot, is a remote control robotic system for clearing internal obstacles of old metallic pipes. It can also be equipped with inspection and operation tools for different applications inside the pipes. The Laparobot can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness for pipeline rehabilitation work. While the work can be carried out in a safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient manner, the nuisance created to the public can also be significantly reduced. The application of Laparobot is not limited to the gas industry only, but also be extended to other industries involving similar engineering work.

Gas Governors

Gas governors are essential for the safety and reliability of the gas supply system. They regulate the gas pressure, making the switch from intermediate or medium pressure to the lower pressure needed when supplying gas to individual buildings. Traditional governors were huge and visually intrusive, but over the years Towngas engineers have reduced their size, designing units which are now housed underground and thus virtually invisible to our customers.