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Gas Production

Gas Production

In Hong Kong, town gas is produced at two production plants. Major supplies of 97% come from the Tai Po Plant, with the Ma Tau Kok Plant making up the rest.

The Tai Po Plant is located in the Tai Po Industrial Estate, covering an area of 11.71 hectares. It has a maximum supply capacity of 9.6 million standard cubic metres of gas a day.

What is Town Gas?

Town gas, produced from naphtha and natural gas, is a clean, safe and reliable gaseous fuel. With about half the density of air, it rises and will dissipate in the air if leakages occur. A special odour has been added to town gas so that it can be detected easily.

Fuel Mix for Town Gas Production

Town Gas Characteristics

Chemical Composition

Carbon Dioxide 16.3% – 19.9%
Carbon Monoxide 1.0% – 3.1%
Methane 28.2% – 30.7%
Hydrogen 46.3% – 51.8%
Nitrogen and Oxygen 0% – 3.3%

Physical Properties

Calorific Value 17.27 MJ/m3
Specific Gravity 0.52
Wobbe Index 24
Weaver Flame Speed 35