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Hong Kong and China Water Limited

Hong Kong and China Water Limited

Hua Yan Water was established in 2005 to develop our water business in mainland China. Our portfolio includes water projects in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, covering water production and distribution, wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse, network construction services and a purified water business . At present, Hua Yan Water is serving over 1.2 million customers and the pipeline network is more than 7,000 km in length. Hua Yan Water has a daily water supply capacity of over 2.5 million tonnes, a daily wastewater treatment capacity of nearly 400,000 tonnes and a daily water reuse capacity of nearly 40,000 tonnes.


Hua Yan Water launched the brand name of Aquajoy to provide high quality bottled purified water in August 2015. To produce high quality drinking water, Aquajoy has adopted an ecological approach to maintaining the water quality with advanced technology and equipment. Using tap-water that is free of chlorine after ultra-filtration process, all production facilities are thermally disinfected to ensure there is no chemical residue. Aquajoy uses a professional, patented design, and our bottles are produced with imported polycarbonate materials to enhance safety. The hourly production capacity of Aquajoy has reached 600 barrels, while annual capacity is up to 3 million barrels. 

In 2016, Hua Yin Water has launched its first project of Food Waster and Recycling Treatment in Suzhou Industrial park. After the removal of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and non-methane hydrocarbons from the raw landfill gas, the treated gas is then transferred to the pipeline network under Towngas China Company Limited for use of gas production.

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