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18 Mar 2020

Towngas sponsors nano photocatalytic long-acting disinfectant for eateries in anti-coronavirus effor

Dining is an indispensible part of Hongkongers’ everyday lives. However, a lot of people have been reluctant to dine out due to the coronavirus, which has had serious impact on the business of the catering industry. Towngas has thus made the decision to provide free nano photocatalytic long-acting disinfectant spray applications* to the premises of eateries in Hong Kong, with the aim of boosting the people’s confidence towards the hygiene of eateries and showing its support for the catering industry which is facing a great challenge posed by the virus.

Towngas has already helped apply the disinfectant in some eateries. Direct appointments with the Towngas’ Customer Service Hotline at 2880-6988 will be accepted till 30 April 2020.
Towngas sincerely hopes to work together with the community of Hong Kong in combating the virus in order for the city to regain its vigour and for Hongkongers to resume their peace of mind and usual daily lives.
*The concerned nano photocatalytic product is a state-of-the-art technology developed by Raze Technology. It is internationally recognised for its ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, with effects lasting as long as three months.
Stickers with the disinfectant application date will be posted on the premises of the eateries that have been treated with the spray for the public’s easy identification.

Volunteers applying nano photocatalytic disinfectant spray for the eateries.

The nano photocatalytic spray is effective for up to three months.

Mr Alfred Chan Wing-kin (centre), Towngas Managing Director, and members of the senior management showing their support to the volunteers. 

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