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Green Building

Green Building


We have attained green building certifications such as BEAM Plus for our North Point Headquarters and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for our data centres in Hong Kong and China. The achievement was in recognition of how we manage our building design, construction and operations sustainably – including electricity conservation, water use reduction, indoor environmental quality improvement and waste management.

In supporting the Hong Kong Feed-in Tariff Schemes, we are installing solar panels at our premises to help create a greener city through the widespread use of renewable energy.


Saving Energy

In our North Point Headquarters, major initiatives in our energy conservation programmes include:
  • Implementing a cloud-based energy management platform
  • Carrying out Energy Audits
  • Installing high energy efficiency oil-free variable speed water-cooled chiller
  • Chiller plant upgrade and installing high energy efficiency oil-free variable speed water-cooled chiller
  • Keeping office temperatures at 25°C
  • Employing timing controls for lighting 
  • Replacing conventional lighting with energy efficient lighting
  • Controlling lighting by sensors
  • Switching off unused office appliances after office hours
  • Switching off PCs outside office hours
  • Purchasing energy efficient office appliances

These energy conservation initiatives have been extremely effective. Our North Point Headquarters received an "Excellent" rating in its HK-BEAM assessment in 1999, "Platinum Standard" ratings in 2005 and 2010, and the Final Platinum rating under BEAM Plus EB [V1.2] in 2015. Our Headquarters development is also classified as an Energy-efficient Building, having received all its four required certificates under the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department's Energy-efficiency Registration Scheme.

Green Data Centre at Headquarters

The "Green Data Centre" at our North Point Headquarters optimised energy usage with modern thermal services and state-of-the-art smart cooling facilities. Automatic synchronisation of cooling units minimised the number of machines to be run at the same time. Moreover, by deploying the "Structure Cabling" design, we have separated the data and power cables between the ceiling and the raised floor to improve the air flow significantly and reduce the cooling requirements at the same time. Taking further steps, we reinforce the "Lights-out" operation mode by switching off the lights inside the data center to reduce the use of electricity and thus the cost. In 2007, we have saved 164.5 tonnes of CO2 emission equivalent on electricity consumption.

Towngas Telecom (TGT) Data Centre

The new TGT Hong Kong Data Centre 2 became operational in the second quarter of 2014. The building was granted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification, The United States Green Building Council’s world-renowned green building recognition. The environmental features of the building include: a solar panel system on the rooftop for renewable energy; an oil-free chiller for energy saving and noise mitigation; a green wall and green roof to reduce heat absorption from the building, and thus reduce the cooling load; a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation and toilet flushing, etc. The data centre is also equipped with gas absorption chiller that utilises landfill gas from the nearby Tseung Kwan O South East New Territories (SENT) landfill gas site for space cooling, turning waste into energy.