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Social Projects

Social Projects

Corporate social responsibility has always been an intrinsic part of our corporate philosophy. We reach out to make a contribution to our society through a wide variety of sharing and caring initiatives.

Rice Dumplings for the Community

A major charitable event is our "Rice Dumplings for the Community" programme, which is organised annually during the Dragon Boat Festival. Our largest community event, it involves the collective efforts of district councillors, legislative councillors, schools and community organisations, who make thousands of rice dumplings for distribution to the disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong.

In 2007, we broke a Guinness World Records of wrapping the most rice dumplings. 34,056 dumplings in this instance, on one occasion. The event not only raised $840,000 for the Community Chest, it also revived the traditional art of wrapping rice dumplings.

Mooncakes for the Community

Launched in 2001, our "Mooncakes for the Community" initiative has become another successful annual charity event. Heart-shaped healthy mooncakes are prepared and delivered to the elderly living alone in Hong Kong. The mooncakes provide a festive touch and help us to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with senior citizens.

Cooking For Fun

With the support of the Social Welfare Department, our volunteer team introduced a special service programme for children, known as "Cooking For Fun English Learning Classes" in 2006. The service is designed to help primary school students, especially new immigrants from the mainland, strengthen their English language capabilities through fun cooking activities. The activity also aims to boost their self-confidence and to help them adapt to new environments more quickly.

Social Enterprise – Cook Easy

In 2008, we set up our first social enterprise, Cook Easy, in collaboration with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Cook Easy aims to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The service provides fresh and pre-prepared food packs which are based on recipes designed by Towngas Cooking Centre with an emphasis on a healthy diet. These food packs are then delivered to homes, enabling busy families to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals, conveniently and easily.

Programme for the Visually Impaired

A keen supporter of equal opportunities, we have introduced a series of products and services for the visually impaired. These include gas bills in Braille format, Hong Kong's first and only gas appliances with Braille instructions, as well as our barrier-free company website for the visually impaired.

Soup to warm the Heart

Under this regular and long-standing programme, we deliver nourishing and long-boiled soup to the elderly, to warm both their stomachs and their hearts.

Photos for the Elderly

Our team of volunteer photographers takes free passport-sized photographs for the elderly, in addition to also bringing them fun and entertainment through a range of variety shows and games.

Hair Cutting Service for the Elderly

Our skilled volunteers provide free hair cutting services for the elderly, lending both a helping hand and helping to reduce their daily expenses.

Personal Emergency Link Check-up Service for the Elderly

In April 2004, we joined hands with the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association to launch free check-up service for elderly Personal Emergency (PE) Link users. When they carry out regular safety inspections on Towngas installations, our technicians also conduct free check-ups on their PE Links for customers. These links, which provide a direct connection to emergency service for elderly residents, aim to ensure that emergency support is always within reach.

Installation of Safety Rails

This programme was first launched in 2001. Our volunteers install safety rails in the homes of elderly people living on their own, helping to create a safer and less accident-prone environment.

Electrical Toilet Washlet Donation Programme

The Towngas Electrical Toilet Washlet Donation Programme aims to improve the living standards of the elderly and people with disabilities. Through the installation of electrical toilet washlets in residential hostels, the programme is well-received by public as it can not only enhance the self-care ability and self-esteem of the beneficiaries but also alleviate the workload of the caretakers. Since the launch of the programme in 2013, we have installed electrical toilet washlets in various NGOs including Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, St James’ Settlement, the Hong Kong Society for the Aged, Yan Chai Hospital, The Spastics Association of Hong Kong (SAHK, etc. Eligible NGOs with this special need are welcomed to apply for the donation.

Please click here (Chinese Only) for details of the programme as well as application form.

Mad Dog Café" Charity Programme

The programme was supported by an internal annual fund-raising event "Mad Dog Café" initiated by Towngas Managing Director Alfred Chan who joined with colleagues to prepare tasty hotdogs sets for charity. The donation raised at the event, after being matched by Mr Chan, is further doubled up with the Company’s contributions.