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Customer Safety

Customer Safety

Regular Safety Inspections

To make sure that our customers enjoy greater home safety, we carry out on-demand maintenance services, together with regular safety inspections on gas appliances in domestic premises every 18 months in Hong Kong and every 12 months on the mainland. These inspections not only check gas appliance and pipe conditions, they also provide an excellent channel of communication with our customers both on the latest safety issues as well as the most suitable gas appliances for their needs.

Promoting the Safety Message

We also strive to promote safety awareness among our customers. These include a list of home safety tips as well as games promoting safety on our website, safety information, promotional materials, booklets, leaflets and bill inserts. We take the safety message to housing estates, senior citizen centres and other public areas with community talks and presentations and also hold focus groups to gain customer views.

In addition to being produced in Chinese and English, our safety booklets are also published in Tagalog, Thai and Indonesian to cater to the needs of multi-cultural domestic helpers in Hong Kong.