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Management System

Management System

Sustainability Committee

Our approach to managing sustainability is built upon a strong foundation of corporate governance.
A Sustainability Committee headed by the Managing Director appointed by the Board, has been set up to oversee the Company’s strategies, policies and practices on sustainability matters.
The work of this committee includes:

  • Identifying and reviewing sustainability issues, risks and opportunities
  • Tracking sustainability performance and recommending strategies to improve it
  • Reviewing and evaluating the annual Sustainability Report and recommending its endorsement by the Board / Executive Committee
  • Providing updates to the Board / Executive Committee on the latest relevant sustainability matters
Areas covered by the Sustainability Committee include health and safety, environmental protection, operating procedures, relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, and community engagement, etc.


Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management

Our HSE performance and initiatives are coordinated, monitored and controlled by our Corporate Health, Safety, Environment, Security & Safety Risk Department with the support of the Corporate Safety and Quality Management Steering Committee and the Environmental Working Committee. Relevant HSE information is communicated to employees, dealers and contractors through Green Ambassadors, Safety Wardens, Security Coordinators and various training programmes.

We also provide HSE support to our JVs on the mainland through the Safety and Risk Departments in both Hong Kong and China Gas Investment Limited (HCIL) and Towngas China Company Limited (TCCL) and the individual companies. In each JV, the Safety and Risk Department reports directly to the General Manager, ensuring that safety and risk management are given the highest priority. Our policy is to apply this organisational structure to all JVs.