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Carbon Management

Carbon Management

Green Hong Kong Carbon Audit Taking the lead, in 2008 Towngas joined the Hong Kong Government's "Green Hong Kong • Carbon Audit" programme, becoming one of its first "Carbon Audit • Green Partners" to endorse the programme's "Carbon Reduction Charter". As a Green Partner and a responsible corporation, we are committed to reduce greenhouse gases emissions - not just by reducing our own emissions but also by helping customers reduce emissions in their operations.


We have established the carbon inventory accounting procedures and adopted regular carbon auditing practices for our Hong Kong operations. These accounting guidelines were developed based on the government's "Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removal for Buildings in Hong Kong". Also ensuring that these procedures meet global standards, our carbon inventories are regularly verified under ISO 14064-1 specifications.
To strengthen our commitment to cutting our carbon emissions, we have set a target of a 30% reduction in the carbon intensity of our Hong Kong gas production by 2020, as compared with 2005 baseline.

We have a clearer understanding on our profile as well as the quantity of our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions over the years, which help us to prioritise improvement measures into the future. Moreover, we conduct annual carbon inventories of our mainland JVs.

Carbon Reduction Competition

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in mainland China, particularly in relation to our joint ventures, through organising carbon reduction competitions. Recently, we have expanded the scope to encourage carbon reduction projects from our operations in Hong Kong. Around 209 submissions have been received since the launch of carbon reduction competitions. One of our projects came from the Shanxi ECO Coalbed Methane Co. Ltd, through process re-designing and gas pipe re-routing, Shanxi ECO was able to prevent the use of high-power air compressor. This optimisation did not only save a large amount of energy, but also prevent the impurities from entering the gas stream and bring benefits to the safety and efficiency of the plant operation. This project helps to reduce carbon emission of 314 tonnes annually.