Towngas hereby clarifies that we have not authorised “TNG Wallet - 香港人的電子錢包” to collect customers’ gas bill payments.
For enquiries, please call our 24-hour customer service hotline at 2880 6988.

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    Hong Kong Core Business

    Our core business in Hong Kong consists of the production and distribution of gas, its marketing and sale, the sale of gas appliances, as well as comprehensive after-sales services. Currently, with a more than 3,500 km-long pipeline network, we supply town gas to over 1.8 million customers in the territory.

    In Hong Kong, Towngas continues to provide a "quality living" environment with the provision of one of the safest and most reliable supplies of gas in the world. Our gas infrastructure has grown and improved over the years, such that our customers today enjoy a supply continuity rate of over 99.99%, one of the best in the world.

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